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House Of Joy’ is a one stop solution for all your Architectural, Interior Designing Home Décor needs. We provide end to end designing and  décor services along with our in house-products for your Homes, Garden or Kitchen with assurance of quality and reasonable prices. HOJ products are inspired by traditional materials with the added new contemporary designs that will suit perfectly to the modern lifestyle home.
By creating an self - sustaining ecosystem for the workers and consumers . Our idea set with this very purpose to give back to the numerous workers who have immense knowledge and generations of experience be it a craftsman or a potter or a fibre artist for their piece of arts and years of hard work. 
We can ask ourselves a few questions, why in our classical times “Terracotta Pots” were used for storing water, “Sill Batta” stone were used for Chutney making, why cotton fabric was immensely used for clothing and other apparels, Why?. Well there are lot of other things which we cannot imagine, has existed from traditional times and they have long-established utility reasons and many health benefits. We don`t want these products and their benefits to become part of history rather we want them to be adopted again in our lives with the modern designs.

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About the Founder

House of Joy is founded by Monika Kaswan in 2020. An young enthusiastic Architect who is very passionate for her work and designing skills .
She was born and brought up in Jaipur. She has always been fascinated with the architectural beauties of the Pink City which lead her to be an Architect by profession .
She is very much inspired by her grandparent`s traditional village lifestyle and now she wants to explore this interest into a new venture equipped with modern lifestyle. As a young Architect practiser in New Delhi, she knows the importance of Sustainability  and how customers are being exploited with unacceptable market price of these products. “House Of Joy” is her one stop platform to avail these contemporary designed products in market at appropriate prices, with supreme quality and a way to reward the local craftsmen for their generations of hard work.


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